• 5 Different Types of Car Keys That You Must Know About

  • Automotive locksmith in OKC details on different types of car keys and their respective features.

    Have you ever reflected on what type of car key do you have? Small in size, a car key is a very important part of your car about which you may have not given much thought. Just imagine if you lose your car keys; how stressful and frustrating that would be? How hassling it will be for you to get the replacement and then be able to open and start your car.

    A car key holds key significance for your car. Starting from the times when the cars were introduced, car keys have gone through radical changes and shifts. Here, we list down different types of car keys you would find associated with different cars:

    1.  Traditional Car keys
    The metal type keys which had no encoding or electric or other sort of smart things associated is what traditional keys are. These were crafted mechanically and are used manually for purposes like opening or locking the door and starting the car engine. In security terms these were easy to copy and therefore risk levels were high for the car owners.

    2.  Remote Car keys
    With advanced in car engineering, no doubt the car keys would also have to evolve from simple to more progressive. As the name suggests, these can be used remotely to function locks and ignition and work via coding methods using the infrared technology which helps to send messages to the car receiver. These are highly secured then the traditional mechanical ones and also difficult to copy.

    3.  Laser Cut Car Keys
    Designed on the concept of mechanical keys, laser keys are highly secure and reliable than traditional ones. The make, shape and style of the laser keys is such that these are difficult to copy and better protection and security.

    4.  Transponder Car Keys
    One of the most preferable and effective car keys, transponder keys are a kind of vehicle immobilizer that include microchips and function through codes which are specifically related to that car. A key fob is associated with transponder keys which are electronic transmitters. The features of transponder keys make them highly secured and are quite hard to copy. Replacing a transponder key means reprogramming the entire system which can be done only by a professional like a locksmith.

    5.  Valet Car Keys
    Valet keys are what it sounds like and provides suitability for the valet to gain entry into the car to ignite. But the functions are limited for a valet so as provide safety and security for the car owner related to the safety of their belonging in car when in parking lot. These are conventional and typical in use for professional driving and are a type of complex sets, which can be replaced or copied by a professional locksmith.

    Apart from these keys, there are other car keys like switchable blade keys and smart keys, with each having their own distinctive and specific features and functions. So, now you would know what type of key you have and when you are looking to upgrade your car key then you can pick the best one according to your car and safety requirements. You can consult 405 Locksmith OKC who are a prominent automotive locksmith in OKC offering complete guidance and service solution for any car make and models.