• 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Protected From Burglars This Summer

  • Leading reliable locksmith Oklahoma City area provides key insight into how burglars target your home in summers and what you can do to keep your property safe and protected.

    We’ve had some of the hottest months on record within the past few weeks. Summer season can be a time when burglars are on top of their craft and take benefit of every opportunity that comes their way.

    We have been doing some research about when burglars enter the property. And also to see what they can get. This falls under the following two categories:

    • Opportunists
      These are the guys who spot under the home from open windows and they don’t matter what time of the day or night it is. These guys look out for many things and also look out for some important information about you.
    • Professionals
      These guys go out every night, between 10PM to 6PM, and look for those properties that have easy access. They particularly look for all of the items. They very well know what they are doing and how to avoid getting caught? These are those crowds that also steal your car.

    Now, below we will be looking at some of the reasons why a burglar targets your home and leaves you needing a locksmith, police and others emergency services.

    1. Keep Your Garden Maintained
      You know, if your garden is not well-maintained then it provides hiding place for thieves and it also signifies that a house owner is away on holidays. That means, they could have free access to your things and enjoy your home more than you. Let’s be honest, none of us want anyone to have that kind of access to your home. So, keep your lawn looking neat and tidy, trim your bushes and make it look like someone is out doing your garden every week.
    2. Make Sure Windows are Closed Unless You’re in the Room
      This is the hardest thing; to close your window in summer months. And an open window is like leaving an open door. You are leaving your window open to keep your house cool and you are sitting in the garden with your family, enjoying a drink and kids playing in pool. An opportunist thief happens to be walking past and sees the whole family in the garden. Now, he knows he can go inside your house through window and steal your valuable things. So, it’s important to keep your window closed when you’re in the room.
    3. Don’t Leave Gardening Equipment on Show
      Yes, we’ve mentioned to keep your garden maintained, but don’t leave your garden tools in the garden because your garden tools give some extra equipment a burglar needs to break-in a door, window and gain easy access to your home.
    4. Keep Your Keys Out of Sight
      Many people put their keys on the window ledge or on the console table front of the door. These things provide easy access to a burglar. A professional burglar has hooks and other tools to grab the keys without opening the door.
    5. Make Sure All Windows and Doors are locked
      The most important advice to all of you is to keep your windows and doors locked even when you’re in home and stop opportunists and professional thieves targeting your home. This is marked as the summer suggestion because, you’re likely to keep windows and doors open during the day in the warmer months.

    So, here are some needful and much advisable tips that would help you keep your home safe and protected in summer season. For more, you can consult 405 Locksmith OKC, a professional team of locksmith Oklahoma City area that will provide you with advanced and comprehensive service and guidance in keeping your property safe.