• Common Ways for Burglars to Enter Your Home Through Access Points

  • 24-hour full service locksmith in Oklahoma City provides a heads-up on some key entry points in your home which burglars target.

    All people feel safe in their home. In another way you can say that our home needs to be a place where we feel safe. Home is the only place where we feel most safe and is the most desired one where we want to reach during any time of discomfort.

    But, when our safety is compromised in any way then our ability to feel comfortable in our home is taken away. We need to fully protect our family and our valuable things from burglars. It means we need to protect most common entry point of our home from burglars. For example windows and doors are the most common entry points and a burglar can easily gain access to our home through such ways. There are only rare occasions when they choose another way. Below appended are some access points of our home where burglars target:

    1. Windows
      Our windows are often the weakest point of our home. Mostly, thieves enter through windows. Burglars choose windows a lot because they are often left open or unlocked. Be sure to keep your windows locked at all times.Now, people install windows made from glass to give a stylish and modern look to their home but it can be opened or broken easily with a few tools. In this situation, you can optimize usage of specific home security systems which have glass break detectors that can alert you when any window is broken.
    2. Front Doors
      Your front door is the most favored access point for burglars who use force and different methods to break-in. So, it’s important to make sure that your doors are strong and sturdy. Be sure your front door is made out of solid wood and not metal or plywood. And it’s also important that your front door has a peephole and the best locking system that is deadbolt. Be sure to place a deadbolt at least three inches deep for best results.
    3. Sliding Glass Door
      It is a very weak point and there are several reasons that these doors are weak spots. They are in a hidden area of property and also often left unlocked. Sliding glass doors are also as weak as windows and with a larger surface area. If anyone makes sliding glass doors in their home then ensure that you are adding proper security measures with that, or it is used in that area where there is another front-line security in place.
    4. Garage Doors & Back Doors
      All doors have some risks because a burglar exploits a weak door and can easily access entry to your home. But garage doors are especially at risk because they are not only an easily access to your home, they are also used for storage for valuable things.A lot of burglars like using the back entry because they have advantage of being covered by the backyard and bush. So, it’s important to keep your backdoor secure and take extra security measure in your backyard.

    Implement Security Measures to Protect Against Burglary
    Burglars look for those homes that have weak spots to exploit. So, it is important for you to take some additional security systems and steps that protect your weak spot from burglars. So that burglars will be unable to break-in.

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