• High Security Key Cutting Services in Oklahoma City, OK for Home and Business

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    Whether you are unlocking the doors to your home or handling the keys of an entire business premise, you expect that your keys will keep your property safe and secure. All keys are not created equal; they actually come in different shapes, and with different features and capabilities.

    Traditional keys and basic locks serve the general purpose of locking and unlocking your valuables while high-security locks and keys provide an extra level of protection. For enhanced security, you can get high-security keys cutting services in OKC by professionals that are durable, resistant and high-quality. High-security keys and locking systems include master key system, restricted keys, and hi-tech locks and each of these offer unique benefits for ensuring the safety of your business property and home:

    1. More Difficult to Duplicate
      You may have seen there are some keys that come with do not duplicate stamped on the side. These keys are not high-security and are duplicated all the time. On the other hand, restricted keys are designed with a unique patent that prevents them from being duplicated. It means these keys are only duplicated by certain high-qualified locksmiths. In case, if you are rekeying an apartment and a home you have just moved into then you need to work with the locksmith for high-security keys and locks.
    2. Temper-Proof Locks
      You know well that locks used with traditional keys are picked effortlessly using materials you can buy easily online or at a hardware store. On the other hand, high-security key systems are nearly impossible to pick because the locking mechanism corresponds with a specific pattern on the high-security key. When they are locked, only a locksmith with special tools can open these locks.
    3. Ability to Control Access
      If you are using a high-security key system then you can control exactly who has access. A master key system allows only authorized personnel into pre-approved areas in a business setting. This key system doesn’t only help prevent unauthorized use of the building and specific areas. Another benefit of using the master key system is limiting the access of a housekeeper who comes during the day, but who you don’t want to have access on other days.

      Your master key will be keyed to both your deadbolt and doorknob while your housekeeper key is keyed only to the doorknob lock. And, on the days your housekeeper is coming then lock only the knob and when your housekeeper is not coming, lock both the knob and the deadbolt and feel secure.

    4. Monitor Your Home or Business Properly
      Now, technology is too advanced that has given the ability to change the way you think about keys entirely. A hi-tech key enables you to lock, unlock and alarm your home with a smartphone. And you will also get alerts if an alarm is tripped and some versions of these locks even allow you to contact your local police department to respond quickly.

    High-security keys are one potential solution that offers an additional layer of security to keep your lock safer and also help your home and business stay protected from burglars. If you want to keep your home safe and secure then high-security keys cut in OKC by professionals such as 405 Locksmith OKC are best suitable for residential and commercial property. The qualified and experienced locksmiths at this company can provide you with custom-tailored and most suitable security solutions, with full reliability and thorough security consultation.