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How to Get a Key Made For a Lock Without a Key

Sometimes, you forget your keys and you have no additional key of your lock then you get worried and start wondering whether a new key can be made without a key and can a locksmith make a key from a lock? Yes, a locksmith can make a key from a lock but the steps involved in doing this are more complicated and still easily and efficiently feasible if handled by a locksmith.

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A professional locksmith has in-depth knowledge and information about lock and keys. If your key is broken and you have not any additional option then you can take the help of a locksmith for keys made in OKC for a lock without a key.

How a Locksmith Makes a Key From a Lock?

Cut the Key to Code
Cutting the key to code can be the easiest way for a locksmith to make a key from a lock. A key code is a set of characteristics that are used to make a key for a specific lock and there are primarily two types of key codes that are used in fashioning key. These are the bitting code and blind code and the one that a locksmith gives the most attention to is the bitting code because these are the codes that are used to fashion the actual keys form a key blank.

Impression from the Lock
As compared to cutting a key to code, the impression from a lock is much straighter. It allows a locksmith to make a key from the lock without having to disassemble the entire lock cylinder or rely on decoding the lock. Impressioning a lock appears to be rather simple. A locksmith will insert the appropriate key blank into the lock and turn the blank key, so as to bind the pins within the lock cylinder. After making all the necessary marks, the locksmith will file the key blank down to fashion a working key.

Disassemble the Lock
This is usually carried out when you can’t cut the key to code if you are unsuccessful in your attempt to impression the lock. A locksmith will generally disassemble the entire lock cylinder to try and reverse engineer the biting for the key from the alignment and the height of the pins within the lock cylinder. This process is much harder for locksmiths to carry out as compared to impression the key.

Due to the absence of an original key, the locksmith will most likely have to pick the lock in order to properly disassemble it and the main purpose of disassembling the lock is to gain access to the pins housed within the cylinder. It allows a locksmith to take direct measurement of the internal components and pins within the lock cylinder that allows them to make a working key from the lock.

These are some processes that a locksmith uses to make a key from a lock. And to make a key from a lock they can either attempt to cut a new key to code, impression the lock, or disassemble the lock cylinder to measure its internal components. Don’t try these solutions on your own; allow a professional and skilled locksmith, like 405 Locksmith OKC, for keys made in OKC from a lock.