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  • A double cylinder deadbolt is one of the best locks for your residential and commercial property. This deadbolt lock requires a key for locking and unlocking from both sides of the property. The double cylinder deadbolts have no thumb turn mechanism, so it’s better for those doors that have glass panels, and also for the front doors at homes.

    For an Intruder, it’s very easy to enter your home by breaking the glass, but a double cylinder door on your exterior doors eliminates this problem because there is no thumb turn and an intruder can’t easily open the lock after breaking the glass and the time and effort taken to this increases the risk for them to get caught.

    It may happen that you still don’t know the benefits of double cylinder deadbolt. So, today, I’m discussing some benefits of double cylinder deadbolts that are:

    • High-Security
      A double cylinder deadbolt is mainly designed to offer high-security. It makes the door more difficult to pick or unlock for the intruder. Those homeowners who want to keep their home secure from intruders; double cylinder deadbolt is the best choice for them. Many homeowners go for single sided deadbolt locks, but their security level is not high as double cylinder deadbolts.A single cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open the door only from exterior, whereas double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open from exterior and interior. Even when an intruder breaks a window, they won’t be able to open the door.
    • Safety
      Double cylinder deadbolt keeps the people safe inside a building. If you want to keep safe your family inside the home then you must install a double cylinder deadbolt lock on your exterior door. You know, double cylinder deadbolt requires keys to open from the inside and outside, which means your family will be secured once you lock a double cylinder deadbolt from inside or outside.Double cylinder deadbolts are a better option for glass sliding door and windows because their presence on door and windows ensure that nobody compromises the security of their house without their keys. In the case when an intruder breaks the glass they will need a key to unlock the door from inside as well.
    • Dealing with Naughty Kids is Easy
      Some kids are very naughty and they can push or turn a button to unlock a door and exit without the knowledge of their parent or guardian. Double cylinder deadbolt makes dealing with such naughty kids easy, that’s because the kids will need a key to unlock the double cylinder deadbolt lock. So, a double cylinder deadbolt lock is an ideal choice for those families who want the safety and security of their naughty kids. Without any delay, you can install it in your exterior door to enhance the security of your home, your kid and your family.

    These are some major benefits of a double cylinder deadbolt lock. If you want to install it in your home then you must take the help of a professional locksmith having full knowledge of locks and keys made in OKC. 405 Locksmith OKC is an expert locksmith firm in the region that can help you get the best solution for your door security, suggesting you the best deadbolt lock along with providing installation and maintenance support.