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  • A business premise contains valuable assets, from equipment and furniture to highly sensitive corporate information that needs to be kept safe and confidential. It doesn’t matter what industry you serve, protecting the company’s assets is very important for achieving the long-term business goals.

    And one of the best ways to ensure it is by keeping away unwanted intruders and allowing only authorized people to enter your property. A professional commercial locksmith can help secure your business by installing an Access Control System at your business property.

    Keys can be easily lost or replicated whereas access control system offers a high level of reliability in terms of protecting your premise from unauthorized access and also restricting employees from accessing specific areas of the property. Access control systems require credentials for access that can be in the form of keyed passwords, key cards, and key fobs, mobile or biometric authorization.

    There are many options of access control systems that are available in the market such as IP systems, control panel systems, mobile access credentials, card readers, keypad access wireless access and many more. You can choose one of them according to your business need. If you have no idea about which one is best suited for your business then contact a commercial locksmith that will help you to choose the most effective solutions for your business.
    Now, I’m discussing a few of the benefits of an access control system for your business premise:

    Limited Access
    With the help of an access control system, you can restrict the entry for certain areas of your commercial property. Business security aspects such as fingerprints, palm veins, and retina access can be used to provide access to the employees based on their authorization type, credential status, and security clearance and anyone without the correct credentials will be not able to access your business property. It also helps to protect your valuable assets as well as sensitive information.

    Detailed Audit Trailed
    A full-stack security system helps you to detect suspicious entries and revoke valid credentials remotely and also helps you to track and backup all activity for auditing and compliance purposes. In case of an accident, multilayer protection allows creating an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals. An audit trail can also be used to resolve some employee issues, reconstruct some past events and create accurate and reliable audit reports.

    Optimal control and Surveillance
    There are many access control systems that give you the ability of remotely controlling all your locks and doors on the property through Master System. Master systems allow higher control over all the entrances of premises. Some access control systems come with surveillance systems that give you more control over your employees’ access and with the help of them you can easily lock down your premises in case of an emergency. The access control system also gives you the authority to add as well as remove credentials if necessary.

    Access control system can be quickly and easily activated or deactivated and it reduces the unnecessary costs associated with key replacements. It also reduces the chances of future unauthorized access because it can’t be replicated.

    These are not just for commercial properties; you can also use it in places like parking garages, hospitals, computer labs, health and fitness center, and college campus. To get more info about this, you can contact 405 Locksmith OKC, a proficient name as a commercial locksmith in OKC for entry door lock installation and repair, which provides complete security solutions for your commercial premise with custom-tailored access control system installation, service and upgrade assistance.

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