• Professional and Skilled Locksmith Services in Oklahoma City

  • To provide the best services a locksmith service provider needs to invest money on the best, latest and wide variety of tools and equipment that are used in their trade. There are many tools that they must have with them onsite and some necessary tools that are specific to carry out the job at hand.

    Below, I’m listing the name of some tools that locksmith technicians use to solve lock and key problems pertaining to residential, commercial and automotive requirements:

    1. Air Wedges
      Air wedge is a hassle-free tool that an auto locksmith uses to unlock a car without causing any damage to the car.
    2. Clock
      A locksmith uses clock onsite for time management purposes as they are committed to complete their job quickly and efficiently as possible.
    3. Prying Tools
      This is also an important tool for opening a car and a locksmith uses it to open the car without any damage.
    4. Drill
      A locksmith uses the drill for numerous purposes and it is commonly used at the time of lock replacement. When a lock or ignition cylinder is damaged in your car then it needs to be replaced. A drill is especially used at the time when there is an attempt of break-in with a vehicle.
    5. Screwdrivers
      Screwdriver is used for several reasons, but it’s a right tool for removing a lock.
    6. Lock Picks
      Lock picks are used for many services such as auto, commercial, residential and other specials services, and is one of the most basic tools a locksmith uses to open locks.
    7. Inspection Light
      A locksmith needs light in order to see into a dark place, to spot tiny key pieces, or also to see code numbers. It’s especially necessary when a key breaks inside the ignition.
    8. Key Gauge
      Key gauge is a very common and important tool and a locksmith uses it for key duplications, key creations or in decoding services.
    9. Key Extractor
      Sometimes, a key breaks inside a lock or car ignition, then it is used for pulling broken pieces out of a lock or car ignition without damaging the component.
    10. Key Cutter
      A key cutter is a machine and it’s used for cutting a key for many reasons. This machine cuts keys to code and is used for copying keys. The key cutter is also used for creating a key for residential, commercial and auto services and also used in specialty services to create keys for cabinets, safes, and chests.
    11. Tension Wrench
      The tension wrench is used to apply torque to the plug of a lock and is also used to set any picked pin in place. When all the pines are picked then the tension tool is used to fully turn the plug and open the lock.
    12. Half-Diamond Lock Pick
      This is most common lock pick in use today and is used generally for basic lock raking or picking other types of locks like water and disk locks. The sides of half-diamond lock pick vary in angle to give the lock picker choice. It comes in different styles and every style gives different results for single pin picking or raking.
    13. Hook Pick
      It’s similar to the half diamond lock pick, but with a hook. This tool is generally used to pick a lock in the traditional method.
    14. Ball Pick
      It’s mostly similar to half-diamond and it offers slight variations on this pick by being round-sided rather than straight.
    15. Rake Pick
      It’s made to rake pin by sliding the picks across all the lock pins; repeat several times in order to move the pin until to the shear line and get locked into place by the tension applied.
    16. Inner Grove Lock Picks
      It’s a special rake lock pick and usually supplied with a dedicated tension wrench. An auto locksmith uses these tools to fit specific types of car laser locks.
    17. Pick Guns
      Pick guns are a widespread technique that are used for quick and easy ways of opening locks and it must be used with a tension tool and only works on a pin tumbler lock.

    These are some important tools that a professional pertaining to locksmith services in Oklahoma City, or elsewhere, uses to solve lock and key problems. 405 Locksmith OKC is a leading name in the field in this region that equips its entire team of technicians with comprehensive and latest tools and equipment to carry out any task at hand with full proficiency and success guarantee.