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  • Keep your physical property safe and locked by learning about the different types of keys that you can use for security purposes at your residential and commercial premise.

    Today, I’m giving information about some different types of residential and commercial keys that you need to know:

    • Dimple Key
      A dimple key is a less complicated type of key that relies on dimples to open the door. In dimple key, dimples are in cone-shaped that’s located on the key that will match with other dimples in the lock and once the dimple aligns properly the lock will open.
    • Keycard Key
      A keycard is very similar in size and shape to credit card and it has a magnetic strip that’ll unlock a door when you inserted it into the locking device. A keycard key is very fast, inexpensive and simple that makes it a great choice for those locations where there are a lot of turnovers like the hotel.
    • Tubular Key
      It’s used to unlock tubular pin tumbler locks and sometimes it is referred to as a barrel key. The tubular key is difficult to duplicate it means you won’t have to worry about your security.
    • Master Key
      Master keys are specially designed to open multiple types of locks and this is a great way to avoid problem when you lose your key. With the master key, you’ll be able to protect different areas or rooms in your building.
    • Paracentric Key
      This key is only used to open or lock paracentric locks. Most people never see and use this lock in their life. It’s very difficult to pick due to the shape of the lock and key itself.
    • Abloy Key
      Abloy key is incredibly difficult, if not possible to pick. This key is basically used on disc tumbler locks. It’s great if you want to make sure that your home will not be accessed by an unknown person.
    • Skeleton Key
      It’s also called a passed key and a type of master key. It can be created by removing the middle of the key that allows the keys to enter and turn a number of locks. When you lose your skeleton key, its replacement is simply unavailable.
    • Cruciform Key
      This key is easily recognizable due to their x-shape profile and it’s mainly used in industrial applications. You can use it any location when you want to make sure that you have efficient keys and lock that can be very difficult to pick.
    • Magnetic Key
      The magnetic key will rely on a magnet to lock and unlock the door and it’s a passive locking system that doesn’t need electronics in order to activate the mechanism.
    • Double or Four-Sided key
      If you want a very durable and safe key then you can choose a double or four-sided key. This key is also difficult to duplicate and a great option to enhance the security of your building.
    • Home or Office Key
      Home and office keys are very easy to duplicate; to ensure that your key is secure you need to choose a lock and key that have patented keyways because it’ll reduce the possibility of copying your key.
    • Padlock
      Due to its small size, many people can easily recognize a padlock key. It’s generally half in size of the home and office key. When you lose your padlock key then a locksmith duplicates your key with the information from the brand of the padlock.
    • Diary
      Diary keys are small, light keys that are used to lock the padlock on a diary. All the diary keys come in the same shape, which means if you lose your key then you can easily get its replacement.

    These are some different types of residential and commercial keys that are used commonly in today’s times which you can use to secure your home and offices. For more on keys and locks, you can consult 405 Locksmith in OKC, a recognized and reliable mobile locksmith in OKC that provides complete solution for your residential, commercial, automotive and emergency locksmith requirements.

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